Sunday Reflection

  • How Do I Get There?

    May 16, 2014

    How do I get there from here? That question used to be part of every car trip to an unfamiliar place, at least when the wife got her way and the husband asked for directions. About twenty years ago, a newly married couple from the parish invited me to dinner.

  • The hudud debate: Stepping back from the chasm

    May 16, 2014

    So the two Pas private members’ bills, originally supposed to be tabled in Parliament in June, have been shelved.

  • The Voice of the Lord

    May 07, 2014

    In the United States, most of our ranches are self contained. By that I mean that the rancher has his own fields for crops or grazing and his own facilities to care for his livestock.

  • Apostolic Witnesses

    May 02, 2014

    Last weekend was amazing. The world’s attention was focused on the canonizations of Pope St. John XXIII and Pope St. John Paul II.

  • Doubts, Divine Mercy and St John Paul II

    Apr 24, 2014

    The Sunday after Easter always presents the event that took place in the Upper Room one week after Jesus rose from the dead. Pope John Paul II also designated this Sunday as Divine Mercy Sunday.

  • Easter Sunday: The Gardens of the Lord

    Apr 16, 2014

    Happy and Holy Easter to you all! I think that it is absolutely wonderful that so many people, Catholic and non Catholic, have decided to join us in prayer today.

  • Passion Sunday of the Lord’s Passion: No need for the Temple

    Apr 10, 2014

    There are many scenes in the Passion account from the Gospel of Matthew which we have just proclaimed. This year, a particular scene keeps recurring to me.

  • Fifth Sunday of Lent: Coming out of the Tomb

    Apr 02, 2014

    The gripping drama of the rising of Lazarus points towards Jesus as the Lord of Life and prepares us for the celebration of our sharing in His Life at Easter.

  • 4th Sunday of Lent: Called from Darkness to Light

    Mar 27, 2014

    A man had just sat down at his desk to begin the working day when one of his associates came storming into his office. “You won’t believe this,” he said.

  • 3rd Sunday of Lent: The Hope His Forgiveness Provides

    Mar 20, 2014

    The long gospel of the woman at the well, the fourth chapter of John, is a wonderful drama of sin and forgiveness. On Monday of last week we had a reading from the Book of Deuteronomy which spoke about how the people who sinned were shamefaced.