Spiritual Reflection

  • We are better and worse than we think

    Jun 15, 2024

    Our own complexity can be befuddling. We are better than we think and worse than we imagine, too hard and too easy on ourselves all at the same time. We are a curious mix.

  • Losing a loved one to suicide

    Jun 07, 2024

    There is perhaps nothing more painful in the world than for us to lose a loved one to suicide.

  • Reacting to criticism

    May 31, 2024

    Everything about Jesus suggests that Hume’s view is closer to the gospel than the other. When Jesus says, my flesh is food for the life of the world, he is telling us that the major task of the church is not to defend itself, to ensure its continuity, or to keep the world from grinding it up.

  • The dark night as impasse

    May 24, 2024

    God can flow into our lives pure and untainted when we are at an impasse and unable to substitute our vision for God’s vision

  • An invitation to a Liturgical Prayer

    May 17, 2024

    Everyone who is baptized as a Christian is baptized into the priesthood of Jesus Christ. The priesthood is given to all baptized Christians and is not just the prerogative and responsibility of those who are officially ordained for ministry, and with this comes an invitation to all adult Christians.

  • Who are our real faith companions?

    May 10, 2024

    We live according to the spirit of the flesh when we live in bitterness, judgment of our neighbor, factionalism, and non-forgiveness. When these things characterize our lives, we shouldn’t delude ourselves and think that we are living inside of the Holy Spirit.

  • Civility has left the building

    May 03, 2024

    We have broken faith with each other. Civility has left the building.

  • God’s exuberant energy

    Apr 26, 2024

    God is ineffable, that is the first truth that we hold about God. That means that God cannot be imagined or ever circumscribed in a concept.

  • Go crazy or turn holy

    Apr 19, 2024

    Go crazy or get holy! Richard Rohr offers us a third option, get bitter. He submits that once we get to a certain age, we have only three options left open to us: We can become a pathetic old fool; or we can become a bitter old fool; or we can become a holy old fool.

  • The Passion of Christ as Passivity

    Apr 04, 2024

    The passion of Jesus teaches us that, like Jesus, we give as much to others in our passivity as in our activities.