Distinct topics for the different groups

The Men’s group covered topics like how men address Emotions, Spirituality, Temptations, Communication and Purpose in their lives.

Aug 09, 2019

By Dr Ivan Filmer
The Men’s group covered topics like how men address Emotions, Spirituality, Temptations, Communication and Purpose in their lives. There were blunt questions like “Do atheists have any spirituality? Did Jesus, in his humanity, masturbate? Won’t everyone following his own passion force some ministries in the church to close down?” The final session ended with the men offering plans of action to start, stop, increase and reduce certain practices within their families.

The Women’s group was drawn into the Heart of the woman’s purpose, identity and value, their feminine genius, the power of life and death, their calling and mission as women of God. In both the adult groups, there were personal sharings of life experiences by the facilitators as well as invited guests.

The Youth group was exposed to a series of dynamic sessions exposing the young people to the challenges of living a good Catholic life and making a declaration to affirm their commitments to living in harmony and understanding with their families.

The most challenging group was that of the young children. They were reminded of the fourth commandment and God’s command of filial piety. In addition, they were also told of the role of the Trinity, Mother Mary and the seven Hebrew words of praise. They were also told of various ways to receive blessing within their families.

The conference culminated in a final session by Fr Martin in the church. He humorously related the basic nature of men and women with stories and videos. He reminded everyone that our faith must come home with us. There should be a balance between what we do and what we are to each person in the family and that faith has to be lived out in the family.

To put faith into practice in the home. He said that everyone is equal in the eyes of God but we each have different responsibilities; that relationships are meant to be reciprocal and that the first institution founded by God was the family.

Fr Martin then provided an inventory for the family as a reminder. “Do you believe that the family members are a gift entrusted to you by God? Am I participating with God to be the person God wants me to be? Do the members of your family feel you are on their side? Are you a role model to your family?”

Fr also gave a moving personal testimony of his relationship with his father when he rushed to see him after a massive heart attack. He reminded all to not wait too long to reconnect with the ones we love, to resolve all our issues with them.

He then led each group in a prayer and affirmation of love to their families. In return, the participants all gathered around Fr Martin to say a prayer for him, led by Michael Xavier and Derek Chong.

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