• Work to grow the Kingdom of God within us

    Jun 15, 2024

    Reflecting on our Sunday Readings with Fr Philip Tay, OCD

  • Catechesis for persons with special needs

    Jun 15, 2024

    With the proper awareness and response on the part of all concerned, we can make small but important steps in the right direction.

  • Reading, believing, practising

    Jun 15, 2024

    For the ordinary Catholic, called as we are to the priesthood of all believers, reaching the state of a strong belief itself, is a challenge, momentous, at times.

  • Faith-filled encounters while travelling

    Jun 15, 2024

    Some travel to marvel at natural wonders, and man-made architectural feats. And some of us encounter God when we travel.

  • We are better and worse than we think

    Jun 15, 2024

    Our own complexity can be befuddling. We are better than we think and worse than we imagine, too hard and too easy on ourselves all at the same time. We are a curious mix.

  • Finding wholeness through Jesus

    Jun 07, 2024

    Reflecting on our Sunday Readings with the Editor

  • Grudgingly … we adore Thee

    Jun 07, 2024

    We are not always expected to be the strong towers of strength for others. It is okay to throw yourself on the mercy of others and ask for sustenance for the journey. Doing so, however, requires humility. It takes the inner strength of the publican in Luke 18:13 who abandons himself to the mercy of God and prays, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner.”

  • Believer or Not: Reflections of a lapsed Catholic

    Jun 07, 2024

    I was born into a staunch Catholic family and grew up on a weekly ‘religious’ routine that was about as predictable as Lot’s wife looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nightly prayers before bed, obligatory family prayers in front of the altar every Friday, catechism classes followed by Mass in Tamil on Sunday. I went through all the motions and even made it to Confirmation.

  • Losing a loved one to suicide

    Jun 07, 2024

    There is perhaps nothing more painful in the world than for us to lose a loved one to suicide.

  • “...My body...My blood...”

    May 31, 2024

    Reflecting on our Sunday Readings with Fr William Pillai