Card Chow: May all Chinese Catholics pray in the same place one day

The bishop of Beijing expressed this hope at the end of the trip to Hong Kong. The delegation from mainland China also visited the seminary and the Holy Spirit Study Centre and participated in a theological conference on the Synod. "We learned a great deal,” Bishop Li said during the thanksgiving Mass, aiming at pursuing “the work of evangelisation” along “the direction of sinicisation”.

Nov 21, 2023

HONG KONG: May all Chinese brothers and sisters "pray one day together in the same place,” said Card Stephen Chow at the end of the Eucharistic concelebration last Wednesday, ending the much-anticipated visit by Bishop Joseph Li Shan of Beijing.

The prelate, who also heads of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, spent three days in Hong Kong.

The liturgical service in the cathedral was also attended by Card John Tong, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong; current Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha, and another bishop from the mainland China, Bishop Joseph Yang Yongqiang of Zhoucun (Shandong).

"This is a Church of communion," Card Chow said, “a Church of the Chinese people. So, with thankfulness, we ask that Jesus Christ Our Lord bless our hearts and our efforts."

"We are very grateful to the diocese for all the arrangements so that our journey has been smooth," said Bishop Li Shan, s cited by the Hong Kong diocesan weekly, Sunday Examiner.

“We had the chance to visit the Diocesan Centre, the seminary, and the Caritas House. We have seen the diocese’s concrete development in the process, and we have learned a great deal for our seminary and parish. We will work hard for the better development of our Church,” Bishop Li added.

During the visit, the delegation from Beijing also visited the Holy Spirit Study Centre, where it was welcomed by Card John Tong, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, who presented the history and aims of this institution.

Bishop Li also took part in a theological conference titled “The Synodal Church and the Church in China: Communion, Participation, Mission”. In his address, the prelate emphasised the importance of combining Chinese culture and faith for wisdom in life.

“We pray that under the guidance of the revelation of the Holy Spirit of God, under the direction of the spirit of the Church’s communion, and under the diligent exploration of all of us, the Chinese Church will be able to promote the work of evangelisation and spirituality along the direction of sinicisation,” he said.

The bishop of Beijing also spoke of the need for the Church to “keep abreast of the times and promptly adjust the focus, methods and modes of evangelisation as society develops and progresses. It should strive to fulfil its proper functions, engage in social responsibility, and pay attention to people’s livelihoods.”--Asia News

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