OMPH youth experience revival and renewal

The Youth Ministry of the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMPHY) experienced a renaissance following a prolonged dormancy during the pandemic.

Apr 04, 2024

The Youth Ministry of the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMPHY) experienced a renaissance following a prolonged dormancy during the pandemic. Despite facing numerous challenges akin to navigating treacherous mountains and valleys, the ministry was recently revitalised, symbolising a journey of resurrection and renewal.

Our ministry, comprising 89 members aged 13 to 26 and steadily growing, is dedicated to making a profound impact within our parish. Our goal is to inspire the younger generation to follow in our footsteps while actively serving in various capacities within the church. Utilising the talents bestowed upon us by God, we strive to be omnipresent, contributing to multiple ministries.

Rather than confining ourselves to a single realm of service, we have embraced diversity and expansion. Our members participate as lectors, altar servers, choir members, hospitality ministers, IT support, catechists, Caritas activities and even lead monthly praise and worship sessions with the Charismatic (CCR) group.

Through the grace of our heavenly Father, we’ve experienced blessings beyond words, transforming our parish into a welcoming home where boundless love reigns supreme. We’ve evolved into a tight-knit family, bound by a shared commitment to service and faith.

This year, we made a pact to challenge perceptions and elevate the role of young people within our parish community. Our endeavours have been nothing short of ambitious. We kicked off the year with the youth choir (The Sacred Melodies) enchanting the congregation during Mass, followed by a successful fundraising coffee morning. Our journey continued with fervent praise and worship alongside the CCR.

In February, our impact was indelibly marked with the launch of the Lenten campaign. Through a thought-provoking play and a reflective Way of the Cross, we engaged the parish in profound spiritual reflection. The pinnacle of our efforts culminated in the presentation of the Passion Play, a first for our parish, despite the academic pressures faced by many of our members.

Throughout this journey, our presence on the church grounds has been constant, a testament to our dedication and faith. Despite the challenges encountered, our faith has only grown stronger. We’ve experienced moments of deep emotional resonance, akin to the wilderness described in the Bible, leading us to personal encounters with Jesus.

As we faced trials, our bonds were fortified, and our gratitude deepened. We encountered obstacles that tested our faith, but through prayer and perseverance, we overcame. Our unity prevailed, strengthened by the divine intervention that guided us through every trial. In the face of adversity, we emerged not weakened, but emboldened by the presence of Jesus in our midst. The devil may have attempted to sow discord, but in the end, it was the unwavering presence of Christ that triumphed, reinforcing our resolve and fortifying our faith.

Our Passion of Christ play took place at 5.00pm on Sunday, March 17, with numerous individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes. As we prayed backstage before each scene, our fervent hope was that Jesus would use us to convey His boundless love to the audience. Each participant in the play was deeply immersed in their role, striving to make the portrayal as authentic as possible.

Following the play, we were blessed to host our first praise and worship session, led by Mary Juliet and supported by our talented musicians and dedicated youth members. The atmosphere was electrifying, filled with the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit. Tears flowed freely as we lifted our voices in praise, feeling as though we were basking in the divine presence of God Himself. It was a deeply personal and profound experience for all of us, a testament to the power of answered prayers and the unwavering love of our Heavenly Father.

Moving forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve as disciples of Jesus, both within our parish and beyond. We aspire to be a shining example to the youth ministries of other parishes, demonstrating the transformative power of faith and service. Our parish provides us with a nurturing environment to grow in our relationship with God and develop our ministry, for which we are truly grateful.

We are immensely thankful to our parish priests, Fr Joseph Stephen, CSsR, and Fr Patrick Massang, CSsR, as well as our parent advisers, elders in the parish, and our own families. Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in our journey.

At the heart of our mission lies a yearning to rekindle a sense of belonging within our parish community. No matter where life takes us, we find solace in the sanctuary our parish provides — a place we can always call home. Through our shared experiences, we have grown into a close-knit family, bound together by a love that knows no bounds.

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Ivy Benedicts[email protected]
I, a grandmother, am very grateful to our priest, and leaders and all concerned who are putting so much effort in building the youth of our parish O M P.H. The children have a place to spent time in the right direction,guidance and gain knowledge in practical ways of the WAY TRUTH AND LIFE THE PASSION PLAY was so realistic that everyone become emotional and it nailed the message of what Christ has done to redeem us.. Once again thanks to the community that is building up our youth
Ivy Benedicta[email protected]
I, a grandmother am more than great full for the formation of this youth group The children have found an outlet to spend their time with the right friends in the atmosphere, presence and guidance of the seniors.priest and leaders . Its gratifying to see their spiritual growth The passion play was really something that stirred everyones emotions to tears .. It was so real .. l pray for.Gods grace and blessings.for all concerned in building up the youth to know the WAY TRUTH AND LIFE.