Pope calls for every effort for dialogue and peace in Mideast

At the conclusion of Sunday's Regina Coeli, Pope Francis makes a heartfelt appeal to halt the spiral of violence in the Middle East and for all nations to favour negotation and peace efforts, while assisting those suffering in Gaza.

Apr 15, 2024

Objects are seen in the sky above Jerusalem after Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel, in Jerusalem

VATICAN: Pope Francis made a heartfelt appeal on Sunday following the Regina Coeli, when he called for a stop to any actions that may fuel the "spiral of violence" in the Middle East that risk plunging the region into an even wider war. The Pope said he is following with "prayer and concern, even sorrow" the news arriving in recent hours about the worsening situation in Israel following the intervention by Iran. He emphasised that nobody should threaten the existence of others, and that instead all nations should "take the side of peace," helping Israelis and Palestinians to live in two States, side by side, in security. He added, "it is their deep and legitimate desire, and it is their right! Two neighboring States."

Humanitarian emergency
The Pope renewed his appeal for a ceasefire in Gaza and that the path of negotiation be pursued "with determination." Recalling the suffering of the population in Gaza, "plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe," he called for every effort to alleviate their suffering. He prayed that "the hostages kidnapped months ago be released!" 

“So much suffering! Let us pray for peace. No more war, no more attacks, no more violence! Yes to dialogue and yes to peace!”

Help for children in war
The Pope also renewed his prayers for children around the world who are suffering due to the many wars in our world, mentioning in particular Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Myanmar. He called on everyone to pray for them and for peace in our world.

In speaking about the burden children bear due to war, the Pope also recalled that from 25-26 May, the Church will mark the first World Children's Day. Greeting the children present in Saint Peter's Square and those watching around the world, he thanked them for their efforts to promote this day and assured them of his prayerful accompaniment as they journey toward the event with their preparations underway. He said he is awaiting them and encouraged them to share their joy and desire for a better world, a world at peace.--Vatican News

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While the pope is right in being anti-war by calling for a cease fire,without mentioning the real complex issue of hegemony and resistant in the middle east the pope sounds hollow.