Pope prays for peace and for a two-state solition in Palestine and Israel

Pope Francis pleads for global peace, emphasizing the devastating consequences of war and urging prayers for conflict-stricken regions like Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, and Myanmar, while advocating for peaceful resolutions and reconciliation.

Apr 24, 2024

Protesters demand a ceasefire (AFP or licensors)

By Francesca Merlo
He recalled that "war is always a defeat" and highlighted that those who profit from these tragedies are the arms manufacturers. 

Please, asked the Pope, "let us pray for peace", before reiterating that his appeal goes to "tormented Ukraine" which "suffers so much" and where "young soldiers go to die". Likewise, he continued, we must pray for the Middle East, and in particular for Gaza: "It suffers so much" said the Pope.

Finally, the Pope prayed for peace between Palestine and Israel, "that they may be two states, free and with good relations".

"Let us pray for peace", he concluded.--Vatican News

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