Thomas Chung An-Zu is the new Archbishop of Taipei

He has served as bishop of Chiayi since 2008. With a vast pastoral experience, he graduated in moral theology in Rome. He replaces Mgr John Hung Shan-chuan, who resigned for age limits.

May 26, 2020

TAIPEI: Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Thomas Chung An-Zu of Chiayi as the new Archbishop of Taipei, the Holy See Press Office announced on Saturday.

The Holy Father also accepted the resignation pf Archbishop John Hung Shan-chuan, S.V.D. of Taipei for age limits. Archbishop Hung has led the Archdiocese of Taipei since 2007.

The new appointment was announced on the same day in the cathedral of Chiayi by the parish priest, Fr Guo Zhengli.

The pontiff also appointed Archbishop Chung to the post of apostolic administrator of the Kinmen (Quemoy) Islands and Matsu Islands, which are located a few miles off the coast of mainland China, scene of military clashes between China and Taiwan in the past.

Mgr Chung, 67, was born in Yunlin County and became a priest in the Diocese of Tainan at the age of 29. In 1996 he obtained a doctorate in moral theology in Rome.

Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Taipei in 2006, and Ordinary Bishop of Chiayi in 2008.

Mgr Chung has a vast pastoral experience in the youth, medical, school and cultural outreach, having worked for years at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei.

According to Catholics in Chiayi, their diocese is a kind of stepping stone to becoming archbishop of Taipei. In recent years, four bishops of Chiayi subsequently became archbishops of Taipei, including the recently retired Mgr John Hung Shan-chuan.--Asia News

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