Alleluia Jesus Christ

“I was from a convent secondary school and being exposed to Catechism classes and mixing with Catholic classmates, I came to learn about the faith.

Apr 16, 2014

Learning to deepen my belief
“I was from a convent secondary school and being exposed to Catechism classes and mixing with Catholic classmates, I came to learn about the faith. I found myself being a part of the religion when I learnt to say the rosary and attended Masses in the BEC with my neighbours. I never had the opportunity and chance to get baptised and left it at that. These formative years had in fact sealed my belief in the Catholic faith.

“In the next 23 years, my parents never gave up on asking me to enroll in the RCIA. I knew very well that God was always by my side in whatever I did and I continued to receive His blessings throughout these years. Well, in my own sweet time and in God’s time for me, I came to a realization that I needed to re-build my relationship with God through Christ our Lord. Without much further prompting, I made my own decision to do so last year. Embarking on the RCIA has been a blessed experience. It is a journey of personal acceptance for me. Through the insightful teachings and sharing of the RCIA facilitators and through prayers, I am deepening my belief and learning the social teachings of the Bible and the Church. My belief and faith has strengthened over these few months and I believe it can only continue to grow. I hope to live a more meaningful existence with the guidance of our Lord after my baptism and emulate the qualities expected of a true Christian. In reflection, I know that I am improving as an individual as I feel that the weekly sessions of RCIA have indeed brought me closer to God. I have been touched.

“I take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to Edmund Nathan and his wonderful team of RCIA Facilitators at JCC for their selfless contribution in doing God’s work and guiding us all. God Bless and Amen!” -- Cyndi Chow Li Kuan

A start of a new journey in my life

“I am a Christian Protestant, married to a Catholic. After having two children , I felt it was time to learn more about the Catholic faith, since I didn’t understand certain parts of the Mass. It is good to know that the Catholic Church has a very structured environment which explains why certain traditions are followed.

“When I used to follow my husband to Church, I always felt left out during communion though I did appreciate the part of the Mass where intercessions are prayed.

“This taught me to pray for others as well and for other parts of the world where there are problems.

“My prayer life has always been difficult. I got to know a little about prayer when I went to school in Ave Maria. Then when I studied in Australia, I learnt more about Christianity from friends there.

“Now that I am about to become a Catholic, I am excited because it’s the start of a new journey in my life, and I am still eager to learn more about this faith. My two children are also being baptized during Easter Vigil.” --Josephine Low

It was time to answer God’s call
“I have always wanted to become a Catholic since the 1980s and joined the RCIA programme at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, but the time of the sessions was not suitable. I was still working then and it clashed with our family time since my husband worked at night,” said 61-year-old Vivienne Chong.

“So I quit, but still God remained with me, prompting and helping me attend Mass, and the novena every Saturday. Even though I felt left out during Communion and didn’t understand some parts of the Mass, I still went because I felt such great peace in my heart.

“With my children now grown up and working, I felt it was time to answer God’s call, and told my husband Ryan I would be joining the RCIA, this time in the afternoon session at St Michael’s Church. To my great joy, he replied he also wanted to join me. He has been influenced by our daughter who became a Catholic whilst she was studying in Australia and always took her father to Mass when she came back for holidays.

We feel so happy that we are both going to be baptized in SMC during Easter Vigil.” Her husband, Dr Ryan Lian, 62 has this to say:

“Over the years, I felt something was missing from my life. I started looking for guidance and was like a lost sheep, wandering about. During my university days, I did follow my Protestant friends to a Christian fellowship, but after that, I did not go. Although I know God is there, I did not follow up to find out more, as I was always busy with work.

“The RCIA helped me to know more about God, and my understanding of the Mass. It has helped explain the questions I have about certain traditions and practices of the Catholic Church. My son gave me a Bible and my daughter helped convert me. I am now more tolerant and feel more happy to have answered God’s call.” -- Dr Ryan Lian & Vivienne Chong

Problems are not daunting anymore
It was her prospective Eurasian god-parents’ wonderful friendship, exemplifying Catholic lifestyle and warm friendship that brought a former convent student Chris Tee to discover the vibrancy of the Church community — meaning the sponsors, catechists, priests and religious. Through them she began to experience and appreciate the time spent together, sharing thoughts and reflections to enrich a spiritual life.

She said, “All of us now bound by a strong Catholic faith saw me developing the strength to face daily challenges. Problems and related obstacles were now not daunting anymore, knowing that the Lord is there to help me all the time. They were always praying to enable me follow Jesus at all times and to allow Him to mould me according to His will. I am looking forward to contributing to the growth of our parish community to the best of my abilities and with my new found faith.

“I now know that Christ has touched and called me. I am ever willing to journey with Christ who filled me with faith and I always wanted to keep it alive and moving while being touched by others around me. Following my Baptism, I shall fervently continue to journey with Christ. With the guidance from my god-parents and new found Catholic friends, I shall be most comfortable and happy in the Church.

“Definitely I shall be able to continue to walk with Christ along the right path with their help and encouragement.

“I am very sure of accepting Jesus and I believe that Our Father is waiting and will welcome me with open arms. I am also very grateful to the Holy Spirit for assisting me to finally decide to become a Catholic.” -- Chris Tee

Feels calm and peaceful after joining RCIA
“My family were Buddhists, and it was when I studied at St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, that I came to know about the Catholic faith.

“I always believed in God, and after my wife, Sherene, converted to Catholicism last year, she invited me to join the RCIA. I felt calm and peaceful after I agreed to join the programme.

“Before this, religion was a superficial belief for me, and I wanted to find the true God. I searched through the internet, and read the Bible. It was like a living thing, and the words touched me deeply. The more I read, the more I wanted to find out. I loved the first five books of the Old Testament, as I could connect with them.

“I realized that my life would be different because I now know the truth preached by Jesus Christ. I feel rejuvenated, and wonderfully alive.

“Of my four children, my youngest daughter has been converted to the faith, and I know my other three children will soon come to know this wonderful God who is so faithful.-- Bronson Tan Ah Poh, 54, teacher

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