• Returning full circle to the Mother

    Jan 28, 2022

    I was born into a very traditional Catholic family. Every night, at eight o’clock sharp, was Rosary and we had to kneel throughout the devotion. As a child, I could sing most Marian hymns by heart.

  • Corruption will be the ruin of a nation!

    Jan 28, 2022

    In the time of Jesus, a cosy, corrupt collaboration existed between the religious aristocracy and the Roman occupiers.

  • Making love with the Divine

    Jan 28, 2022

    We are called to live our lives and come to God inside of a community. We cannot make love with God alone.

  • From violence to respect for life

    Jan 28, 2022

    Tragically, everyday, over 3,000 legal abortions are performed in the US. And the daily number of abortions worldwide is approximately 125,000 deaths.

  • Living in the Present … in His Presence

    Jan 21, 2022

    The gift of life is the gift of presence. One of the ways we stray from God is by not being present to life.

  • Not conforming but transforming

    Jan 21, 2022

    The different parenting styles used in psychology today have different effects on children’s behaviour and can be identified by certain characteristics as well as degrees of responsiveness and demands by parents.

  • Preventing adverse childhood experiences

    Jan 21, 2022

    Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17 years) such as experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect; witnessing violence in the home; or having a family member attempt or die by suicide.

  • Theology and spirituality — writing about it or writing it

    Jan 21, 2022

    In the world of the arts, they make a distinction between persons who create an artifact, an artist, a sculptor, or a novelist, and persons who write about artists and their works.

  • Trial | Treasure | Truth

    Jan 21, 2022

    The greatest treasure that we so often miss amidst the trials of our lives is the light of Christ that God chose to place in our hearts.

  • What we do in private …

    Jan 14, 2022

    As Christians, we believe that we are all members of one living organism, the Body of Christ, and that our union with each there is more than metaphorical.