• Everything is providence

    Nov 25, 2022

    “Everything is providence. Every smile, every meal, every person we cross paths with, every kind act that we receive or offer to someone. This is how God provides in our everyday.”

  • In exile — marking an anniversary

    Nov 25, 2022

    In exile — marking an anniversary

  • Can anything good come from Okarche Oklahoma?

    Nov 18, 2022

    It is not enough merely to have saints; we need saints for our times! An insightful comment from Simone Weil. The saints of old have much to offer; but we look at their goodness, faith, and selflessness and find it easier to admire them than to imitate them.

  • God is calling you to be a saint!

    Nov 18, 2022

    Our hurting world needs Christians who are committed to being the very body of Christ on earth – saints.

  • Parenthood and mental health

    Nov 18, 2022

    Caring for children can also create challenges for parents, particularly if they lack resources and support, which in turn, can result in an adverse impact on a parent’s mental health.

  • A time for everything under heaven

    Nov 11, 2022

    The beauty of our multi-faceted faith is the symbiosis and interconnectedness of these three pillars of faith, as well as the layers of social justice, doctrine and dogma.

  • True forgiveness is to let go completely

    Nov 11, 2022

    Forgiveness generally means making a decision to let go of grudges and resentment. Christianity has taught its followers to forgive because Jesus Christ says that we must forgive 77 times

  • Workaholism and greed …

    Nov 11, 2022

    Being too busy generally begins as a virtue, and then often turns into vice – subtle greed. What was once necessary to serve others now begins more to serve our own self-image and reputation.

  • Children versus social media

    Nov 04, 2022

    It is no great surprise that much of what is posted online is mostly geared towards stirring up controversy for the sake of getting ‘eyes’ on content.

  • ‘I was hungry and you gave me food’

    Nov 04, 2022

    The next time you are hungry, imagine that instead of going into your kitchen and reaching for various foods to prepare a meal for you and your family, that there is no food to reach for, no vegetables to pick from your garden, and that you have no money to buy food for yourself and your hungry children.

Sunday Reflection

God is not like us

God is beyond us. That is what the readings point to this weekend. The fact that God is a mystery and beyond our thinking is not something that should frustrate or disappoint us but, rather, it should be a source of our hope and the ground that we walk on as Christians.

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