• Our congenital complexity

    Mar 05, 2020

    The renowned spiritual writer, Ruth Burrows, begins her autobiography with these words: “I was born into this world with a tortured sensitivity. For long I have puzzled over the causes of my psychological anguish.”

  • Political turmoil grips Malaysia

    Mar 01, 2020

    As I write this on Monday Feb 24, Malaysia is gripped in political turmoil, with all sorts of political manoeuvrings and jostling for power.

  • Speaking with authority

    Mar 01, 2020

    We are growing ever more distrustful of words. Everywhere we hear people say, “That’s just talk! That’s nothing but empty words!”

  • A looming spiritual battle

    Feb 23, 2020

    The other day, at a forum, speaker after speaker highlighted overdevelopment, the ecological challenges and the lack of affordable housing for the poor.

  • On hallowing our diminishments

    Feb 23, 2020

    Thirty years ago, John Jungblut wrote a short pamphlet entitled, On Hallowing Our Diminishments. It’s a treatise suggesting ways we might frame the humiliations and diminishments that beset us through circumstance, age, and accidents so that, despite the humiliation they bring, we can place them under a certain canopy so as to take away their shame and restore to us some lost dignity.

  • Community solidarity in the face of coronavirus

    Feb 16, 2020

    Some years ago — I can’t remember exactly when — a relative gave me a book called Pandemic. I flipped through the pages and found it grim, depressing reading, as it predicted the likelihood of a global epidemic. I put it away – though now I wish I had read it back then. There were enough problems in the world; this one could wait, I thought.

  • Magnanimity

    Feb 16, 2020

    Once during a baseball game in high school an umpire made very unfair call against our team. Our whole team was indignant and all of us began to shout

  • On self-hatred and guilt

    Feb 08, 2020

    Recently on the popular television program, Saturday Night Live, a comedian made a rather colorful wisecrack in response to an answer that Nancy Pelosi had given to a journalist who had accused her of hating the President.

  • Move towards a more progressive taxation system

    Feb 07, 2020

    St Francis of Assisi was well known for his “preferential option for the poor”, eight centuries before our time. When Francis heard a voice telling him repair to the church as it was “falling into ruins”, he took it literally, thinking that the Lord meant him to physically repair ruined churches.

  • Are we the most insane species?

    Jan 23, 2020

    “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipping.” ? Hubert Reeves, French Canadian astrophysicist and populariser of science.