Recent Editorial

  • Bring Jesus to a world where the thirst for God is less and less

    Jun 12, 2021

    The Church cannot be content with just “the usual little group [that] meets to celebrate the Eucharist. The procession with the Blessed Sacrament – a hallmark of the feast of Corpus Domini, yet one that, for the moment, we cannot celebrate – reminds us that we are called to go out and bring Jesus to others. We need to enlarge our hearts. We need to break out of our tiny self-enclosed space and enter the large room, the vast expanse of wonder and adoration,” said Pope Francis.

  • The earth is sitting in a wheelchair!

    Jun 05, 2021

    Pope Francis met climate activist Michael Haddad during his General Audience June 2 with pilgrims in the Vatican’s San Damaso Courtyard.

  • The cedar connected the Earth 10,000 years ago

    Jun 05, 2021

    Climate activist Michael Haddad brought two gifts for Pope Francis. The first was the branch of a cedar tree, a symbol of his homeland, Lebanon, a country which Pope St John Paul II called “a message.”

  • The most important global project since Vatican II

    May 28, 2021

    In the ninth year of his pontificate, Pope Francis launched an ambitious threeyear worldwide “synodal process” (2021-2023). It will culminate in October 2023 in Rome with the XVI ordinary general assembly of the Synod of Bishops.

  • Stop indulging Israel

    May 28, 2021

    Donald Trump’s America-first foreign policy was a policy of snubbing allies, coddling dictators and turning the State Department into an agent of the US arms industry.

  • A good shepherd who can unite Hong Kong Catholics

    May 22, 2021

    This is excellent news indeed: Fr Stephen Chow Sauyan, provincial of the Chinese Province of the Society of Jesus, is the new bishop of Hong Kong.

  • Francis’ new ministry of catechist may help shrink the clergy-laity gap

    May 22, 2021

    Pope Francis on May 11 promulgated Antiquum Ministerium, creating a formal, installed (instituted) ministry of catechist

  • Eucharist weaponised for political ends — this must not happen!

    May 08, 2021

    In the six months since the 2020 election, a growing movement has emerged in the Church in the United States that calls upon the nation’s bishops to publicly exclude President Joseph R Biden and other Catholic public officials from the Eucharist.

  • To choose a bishop: a man for the Church, not a “ladder-climber”

    May 08, 2021

    The criteria is not to seek perfection, “saints” to put on a pedestal, but men who certainly possess human and spiritual virtues.

  • Chinks in tackling COVID

    May 01, 2021

    The genie is out of the bottle with a vengeance; the new wave of Covid has proved all predictions wrong. Equally, it has brought out the chinks in tackling Covid.