Recent Editorial

  • A request for forgiveness for attitudes incompatible with the Gospel

    Jul 29, 2022

    Our Editorial Director takes a look at Pope Francis’ actions and words on the first day of his Apostolic Visit to Canada and his meeting with indigenous peoples.

  • A penitential pilgrimage

    Jul 22, 2022

    The peculiarity of Pope Francis' upcoming trip to Canada: a concrete gesture of closeness toward indigenous peoples.

  • Listening to the voices

    Jul 15, 2022

    Charles Bertille, the Executive Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei gives a synopsis of the recently concluded Malaysia Pre-Synod Assembly held in Penang on July 11.

  • The cry of a priest

    Jul 15, 2022

    Fr François de Foucauld , a priest who served for 18 years in the diocese of Versailles, France took his own life, on the night of June 30, 2022. On December 2, 2021, the priest had published an article in the daily La Croix, denouncing the abuse of power in the Church and the law of silence. He said he himself had been a victim of abuse and called for “true consideration of witnesses to the abuse of power in the Church today” in order to implement “clear and peaceful rules of governance within the Church.”

  • Meet the soon-to-be first Cardinal of Singapore

    Jul 08, 2022

    In a wide-ranging interview with Vatican News, Cardinal-elect William Goh discusses the reality in the international business hub of Singapore, explaining how affluence can impact religion. Having concluded the bicentennial celebration of the Church’s presence on the small island nation in December

  • Is Singapore fit for a red hat?

    Jul 08, 2022

    Next month, Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye of Singapore will receive a red hat from Pope Francis and become the first cardinal from Singapore. Although major Asian cities like Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok have had cardinals for years, it is the first time that a bishop of Singapore has reached

  • Life beyond Roe v Wade

    Jul 01, 2022

    The pro-life stance of the Catholic Church has been literally written in stone.

  • For life, always

    Jul 01, 2022

    Hopes are that the US Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v Jackson will become the occasion for legislation protecting life, women’s rights, and motherhood.

  • Editor’s Note

    Jun 24, 2022

    Since its launch in all dioceses worldwide in October 2021, the Synod on Synodality themed, ‘For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission’ has evoked mixed responses, ranging from excitement and optimism to indifference and cynicism.

  • My view

    May 20, 2022

    When Pope Francis convened the synod in Rome in 2021, he called on the Church to engage in this synod as an opportunity “to become a listening Church, to break out of our routine and pause from our pastoral concerns in order to stop and listen”.