Recent Editorial

  • The three key aspects of Pope Francis’ apology

    Apr 08, 2022

    While the papal apology has historical, cultural, political and economic aspects, the Holy Father treated this primarily as a religious one, at the service of healing and reconciliation as gifts from God.

  • Editor’s Note

    Apr 01, 2022

    Someone recently mentioned that it’s only natural for people to seek self-glorification. The message implied was that, when people talk about their work, it’s because they want recognition. They want to be acknowledged for their hard work, contribution and capability.

  • The history behind Praedicate Evangelium

    Mar 25, 2022

    Francis was elected pope in 2013 with a mandate to reform the huge and inefficient Vatican bureaucracy. Soon after his election, he appointed a cabinet of cardinal advisors who have met regularly since then to help him write the document released on March 19.

  • Pope reforms curia, stresses on evangelisation and laity

    Mar 25, 2022

    Nine years after taking office, Pope Francis promulgated his constitution reforming the Roman Curia, a project he began with his international Council of Cardinals shortly after taking office in 2013.

  • Guest Editorial — Tony Magliano

    Mar 18, 2022

    On a rainy evening in Rome, two Lents ago, a solitary elderly man in white, climbed the numerous steps leading to the front of St Peter’s Basilica.

  • Editor’s Note

    Mar 11, 2022

    For many, the season of Lent is marked with personal sacrifice – while some will undertake to eat or do a task they dislike, for others it will be a time for giving up excess in the form of food, drink or activities that detract us from the process of self-reflection.

  • Russia’s Invasion Is Defeat for Humanity — How Should We Respond?

    Mar 04, 2022

    Respect for human dignity, international law, human rights and European peace were grossly violated by Vladimir Putin and the nation of Russia this week.

  • My view

    Mar 04, 2022

    Breaking the bias is the theme for the 2022 International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8.

  • Editor’s Note

    Feb 18, 2022

    The “Francis” strip is a three-panel comic that uses a formula familiar to most jokes: Setup, misdirection, punchline.

  • Jubilee Year 2025 can restore hope after years of pandemic and suffering

    Feb 18, 2022

    Pope Francis has set in motion the preparations for the Jubilee Year 2025, which he believes “can contribute greatly to restoring a climate of hope and trust as a prelude to the renewal and rebirth that we so urgently desire” after two years of pandemic and suffering.