Sunday Reflection

  • God is not like us

    Sep 22, 2023

    God is beyond us. That is what the readings point to this weekend. The fact that God is a mystery and beyond our thinking is not something that should frustrate or disappoint us but, rather, it should be a source of our hope and the ground that we walk on as Christians.

  • Forgive others as we have been forgiven

    Sep 15, 2023

    In the course of our daily lives, we encounter different kinds of people. Because of this, the way we communicate will depend on the kind of people that we encounter, However, most of the time, the words that we use fall broadly into two categories i.e., those that build up a relationship or words t

  • Purifying our flaws

    Sep 08, 2023

    The journey of repentance involves a gradual process of self-denial, without which we can be so sure of our own selves while persisting in error.

  • Jesus’ demands are a loving invitation

    Sep 01, 2023

    St Paul in his epistle to the Corinthians (11:14), reminds us that Satan will appear as the “angel of light” to confuse even the most faithful soul.

  • Who do you say I am?

    Aug 25, 2023

    The way we answer Jesus has the potential to change our lives. If we acknowledge Jesus to be a divinely inspired teacher, then we will pay close attention to what He says so that we might believe it and live it.

  • Persistence, faith and humility

    Aug 18, 2023

    In the Gospel today, we read of the encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman whose daughter is ill.

  • Let us trust in the Lord

    Aug 11, 2023

    Jesus is asking us to come out of our “boats” and trust Him. He is inviting us to walk on water like Peter — I can walk on water like Peter, if I just fix my eyes on Christ, on His gaze at me.

  • Called to witness something glorious

    Aug 04, 2023

    World Youth Day is that moment of ‘transfiguration’ offered to those who have been ‘taken’ and who struggled up the high mountain (the Catholic Church, the Eucharist) together with the Pope, in order to witness to Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit again.

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God

    Jul 28, 2023

    The world is rapidly modernised by technological advancement and overwhelmed by capitalism. People, forced to engage in this fast, ever-changing world, are struggling to find and express their identities while providing for their families.

  • Adversity begets growth

    Jul 21, 2023

    Ever since humanity learned the art of speech, storytelling has been one of the most effective ways of passing down teachings, traditions and lessons from the past to the future generations. Since not many people were able to learn the art of written communication, oral transmission became almost the norm.